Active strategies for today's evolving markets from active managers you know.


Get the best of both worlds

Combine the flexibility of an ETF with the expertise of active portfolio managers and Fidelity’s global network of investment professionals. With Fidelity Active ETFs, you can access a variety of investment strategies as an ETF or within a mutual fund ETF series* to help meet your investment goals.


Equity active ETFs

Professionally managed portfolios with the potential to achieve higher returns than passive strategies.

Fidelity Canadian Large Cap Fund – ETF Series

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Fidelity Global Innovators® ETF

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Fidelity Global Innovators® ETF US$

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Fidelity Global Small Cap Opportunities Fund – ETF Series

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Fidelity Global Small Cap Opportunities Fund – ETF Series US$

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Fidelity Greater Canada Fund – ETF Series

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Fixed income active ETFs

Diversify your portfolio and combine our team of experienced fixed income portfolio managers and our global network of investment professionals.

Fidelity Canadian Short Term Corporate Bond ETF

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Fidelity Global Core Plus Bond ETF

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Fidelity Global Core Plus Bond ETF - US$

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Fidelity Global Investment Grade Bond ETF

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Fidelity Global Investment Grade Bond ETF - US$

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The goal of active strategies is to respond to changing market conditions and actively identify opportunities that are not part of passive strategies.


Keeping your goals on track

Fidelity is committed to offering a wide range of investment funds to help our clients achieve their financial goals. We believe that strong research can help drive the long-term performance that our clients demand. Through our global investment network, we believe we have a competitive edge and the intelligent insights needed to create investment opportunities for Canadian investors.


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