Sustainable investing has its rewards.

Don’t miss out on this growing opportunity. Investing in sustainable investment funds can help you both achieve your financial goals while aligning your values and beliefs with your investment objectives.


Glossary of sustainable investing terms

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2020 Sustainable Investing Report

What is sustainable investing?

  • Also known as ESG investing, it is an approach to investing that incorporates ESG issues in the research process.
  • It’s a forward-looking process that often combines selecting companies based on their financial prospects, and how these companies manage various ESG issues.
  • Sustainable investing can help investors achieve their financial goals, while aligning their investments with their values.

Sustainability can lead to profitability.

Research has shown that companies with sustainable business practices have the potential to perform well over the long term. The two leading reasons investors consider ESG issues when investing* are

  1. minimizing risk over time
  2. improving returns over time

Evaluating how well companies manage the various ESG issues that may affect their business, in addition to their financial characteristics, can help minimize risk and improve returns over the long term. Ultimately, integrating these issues in the investment process of sustainable investment funds can:

  • provide a better understanding of companies
  • lead to sustainable long-term characteristics

How can I invest sustainably?

There are different ways to invest sustainably. Evaluating ESG issues in addition to financial factors when analyzing companies is one example. Excluding companies based on ESG performance and attributes is another. Regardless of the approach, evidence has shown that incorporating ESG issues in the investment process of sustainable investment funds can help mitigate risk and potentially enhance long-term returns.

* Responsible Investment Association. 2022 Canadian Responsible Investment Trends Report (November 2022) and 2022 RIA Investor Opinion Survey (November 2022).


Sustainable investment funds

Looking for sustainable investment funds to add to your portfolio? Fidelity has a
lineup of mutual funds and an ETF for Canadian investors seeking ESG-related
products to diversify their investments accounts.

Sustainable investing approach: ESG integration, best-in-class screening and exclusionary screening.

Fidelity Sustainable World ETF

Fidelity Sustainable World ETF (and Mutual Fund) is a global quantitative multi-factor equity strategy that invests primarily in companies with favourable ESG characteristics as defined by MSCI.

Sustainable investing approach: ESG integration and thematic investing.

Fidelity Women’s Leadership Fund

Fidelity Women’s Leadership Fund is a core U.S. equity strategy that invests primarily in companies that prioritize and advance women’s leadership and development across their organization.

Sustainable investing approach: Exclusionary screening, best-in-class screening, ESG integration and thematic investing.

Fidelity Climate Leadership Funds

The Fidelity Climate Leadership™ Funds form a suite of climate-focused investment funds (equity, fixed income and balanced) designed to capture the opportunities created by the global transition to a low-carbon economy.

Why invest with Fidelity?

Fidelity Investments Canada ULC is committed to offering sustainable investment funds to help our clients achieve their financial goals. We believe that strong research can help drive the long-term performance that our clients demand. Supported by a strong global research platform, we believe we have a competitive edge and the intelligent insights needed to create strong investment opportunities for Canadian investors.

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