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When should I start investing?

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how to start as a beginner.

How should I choose my investments?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Many investors use a financial professional to help them define goals, understand their current situation and identify key steps to move forward in their financial journey.

Find Fidelity mutual funds and ETF

How much money do I need to invest?

There’s no one magic number for how much you need to start investing, or how much you should add each month. The right number varies depending on your income, budget and other financial priorities you’re juggling. But if you're getting stuck on this step, remember that starting small is better than not starting at all.

How to invest with Fidelity

Find out how to buy Fidelity mutual funds and ETFs. We can help answer important questions, such as whether working with an advisor or do-it-yourself (DIY) investing through an online brokerage account might be right for you.