Asset allocation quarterly

David Wolf, David Tulk and Ilan Kolet

Asset allocation quarterly – from a Canadian perspective


You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here

Third Quarter 2021

The increase in vaccination rates, reduction of mobility restrictions and rebounding of economic activity likely means the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic may be behind us. In their latest paper, the GAA team discusses their pro-cyclical approach to their Canadian multi-asset funds and why diversification is coming from non-Canadian markets.

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回家並非唯一選擇,但此地不宜逗留 (Chinese version) pdf

A Candid Conversation on Canadian Concerns

Second Quarter 2021

In recent years, the Canadian economy encountered market and economic tumult, including a global pandemic. In their latest paper, the GAA team answers frequently asked questions regarding their views on the Canadian economy, asset markets and the positioning of funds they manage for Canadian investors.

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無庸諱言對加拿大的顧慮 (Chinese version) pdf

New Year, Same Playbook

First Quarter 2021

The distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and stimulus provided by governments and central banks has many focusing on brighter days ahead. In their latest paper, David Wolf, David Tulk and Ilan Kolet outline their views of the recovery ahead and how they are positioning their asset allocation funds for Canadian investors.  

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新的一年,同樣的戰略戰術 (Chinese version) pdf

Debt is fine until it isn’t

Fourth Quarter 2020

Rising debt seems to be keeping both markets and economies going, especially in today’s COVID-impaired world. In their latest paper, David Tulk and David Wolf explain how their active asset allocation strategies are addressing the short and long-term consequences of today’s debt-driven markets.

Diversification amid the disconnect

Third Quarter 2020

David Tulk and David Wolf emphasize the importance of portfolio diversification that appropriately manages risk while maximizing performance.


在股市與經濟脫節時的分散投資 (Chinese version) pdf

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