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An institutional approach to money management

Gain access to investment pools that utilize Fidelity’s proprietary research methods and investment strategies with an institutional-style approach, focused on risk management.

Global investment network

Fidelity's global organization has extensive resources and expertise with a disciplined investment process.

Rigorous risk controls

Access to institutional style investment managers, with an emphasis on managing risk to seek to deliver consistent results.

Tax-smart investing

Tax-smart features, through Fidelity Corporate Class and Tax-Smart CashFlowTM, providing a framework for a tax-efficient investment plan.

Where your wealth meets the investment expertise it deserves

Working with your advisor, you can create a personalized, long-term plan that includes Fidelity's global asset management expertise to meet your unique investment needs. Fidelity Private Pools offer tax-efficient options for most non-registered accounts.

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Fidelity Global Growth Private Pool: Diversified with global reach and a focus on risk management.

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Program overview

Introducing Fidelity Global Growth Private Pool

Explore the strategies behind Fidelity Global Growth Private Pool, managed by David Wolf and David Tulk.

Discover the benefits of Fidelity's Private Investment Program

Fidelity's Private Investment Program offers institutional-style investment management, tax-smart strategies and more.

An investor’s guide to Fidelity Private Investment Program

Discover how Fidelity Private Investment Program can help you achieve your investment objectives.

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Program features

As your portfolio grows, your investment needs may evolve. By investing with a larger portfolio, you can access a wider range of services and enjoy more favourable pricing through fee reductions,* as well as benefit from differentiated investment strategies.

Straight forward pricing

Attractive pricing; fees that reduce as investment increases, whether it’s $250,000 or over $10 million. Minimum initial investment of $150,000/pool.

Premium ongoing support

Enhanced account reporting, plus access to a dedicated client services team.

Custom portfolio service

Automatic rebalancing through custom portfolio service. Minimum initial investment of $500,000, from single or multiple accounts. 

Explore our solutions

Our program is designed to meet the needs and expectations of established and savvy investors. Whether you are looking to invest for long-term growth, focused on managing risk or tax-efficient cash flow, our program offers a comprehensive approach to managing your assets, no matter what your goals.

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Speak with your advisor

Speak to your financial advisor about how adding actively managed, Fidelity Private Investment Pools can benefit your portfolio.