Fidelity ClearPath® Retirement Portfolios

A clear path to retirement

Whether your retirement is just around the corner or still down the road, a Fidelity ClearPath® Retirement Portfolio is designed to help you reach a more financially secure retirement. With the help of your advisor, you can pick the Portfolio that’s most appropriate for your target retirement date. ClearPath will gradually move you into the right mix of investments as you progress in your journey.

Keep your investment mix in line with your long-term financial goals through discipline, ongoing monitoring and appropriate diversification:

Key features


  • When volatility creates emotional responses in the market, ClearPath’s investment discipline provides greater peace of mind.
  • Your ClearPath Portfolio will remain focused on your long-term goals, with an investment mix appropriate to your needs.


  • The ClearPath management team ensures that market fluctuations don't throw your portfolio out of balance and expose you to additional risk.
  • Your investment mix will remain aligned with your needs, while becoming more conservative as your target date draws near.


  • Fidelity ClearPath Portfolios don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but are diversified among several leading Fidelity mutual funds.


Fidelity ClearPath Portfolios – Not just for retirement

Fidelity ClearPath Portfolios are a good way to save toward any financial goal with a known time horizon, not just retirement, such as a child’s post-secondary education or a vacation property. Simply match the time horizon with the right Portfolio.

The Fidelity advantage

  • One of the world’s largest and most experienced mutual fund companies, established in 1946.
  • One of the largest managers of lifecycle investments in North America.
  • A pioneer in lifecycle investing, beginning in 1996.

Fidelity ClearPath funds

Fidelity ClearPath Income

Fidelity ClearPath 2005

Fidelity ClearPath 2010

Fidelity ClearPath 2015

Fidelity ClearPath 2020

Fidelity ClearPath 2025

Fidelity ClearPath 2030

Fidelity ClearPath 2035

Fidelity ClearPath 2040

Fidelity ClearPath 2045

Fidelity ClearPath 2050

Fidelity ClearPath 2055



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