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Explore the world of factor-based investing and gain insights from some of Fidelity’s expert quantitative analysts and researchers.

Factor behaviours during corrections and recoveries: Portfolio ideas to navigate through volatile markets

Portfolio ideas to navigate through volatile markets.

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修正與復甦期間的因素表現: 駕馭波動市場的投資組合構想 (Chinese version)  pdf

Combining factors to target specific investment outcomes

The merits of a factor-based approach to portfolio construction.

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將多個因素組合起來實現特定的投資結果 (Chinese version) pdf

An overview of factor investing

The merits of factors as potential building blocks for portfolio construction.

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因素投資概覽 (Chinese version) pdf

Putting factors to work

Three approaches to implementing factor-based investment strategies.

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充分發揮因素的作用 (Chinese version) pdf

How to evaluate factor-based investment strategies

Due diligence on “smart beta” strategies should be anything but passive.

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如何評估基於因素的投資策略 (Chinese version) pdf

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