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Investing is our heritage.

For over 30 years, Fidelity has been helping build better financial futures for Canadian investors like you.

You work hard to get ahead. We’re here to help you stay ahead.

In an ever-changing financial landscape where domestic and global factors can affect economic trends and guide policy, take comfort in knowing that Fidelity prides itself on doing one thing and one thing only. We manage money for people like you. Our focus is on the financial well-being of you, your family and your future.

Thanks for investing some of your time with us. We think you’ll find it well worth it.

A commitment to performance

Compensation aligned with investors’ interest, over the long term

We’re paid to deliver performance. Portfolio manager compensation is evaluated over a three- and five-year time period.

We’re privately owned

We do what’s best for you, our clients, not shareholders.

Proprietary research drives performance

We don’t share, sell or trade our research. It’s ours and ours alone.

The results
At Fidelity, we believe better research drives long-term performance. Building on fundamental, bottom-up research, we seek to create the competitive advantage and intelligent insight needed to deliver strong long-term returns for our clients.

Dozens of five-star rated funds.

When we win, so do you.



​A world of opportunity

You’re getting access not just to one of Canada’s leading investing teams but to a global network of research professionals and innovators.

World map showing office locations around the world.


Investment professional count of subadvisors

Founded in 1987
Founded in 1969
Founded in 1946
Founded in 2001


Fidelity Investments Canada ULC brings a global network of investment expertise to Canadian investors. Our products are subadvised by a variety of companies, including Fidelity Management & Research Company (FMR Co., Inc.), Fidelity Institutional Asset Management (FIAM LLC), Fidelity Management & Research (Canada) ULC (FMR-Canada), Fidelity Canada Investment Management, Fidelity International (FIL Limited) and Geode Capital Management LLC. Investment professional counts include portfolio managers, research analysts and associates and traders.

Source: FMR Co., Inc., FIAM LLC, Fidelity International, Fidelity Canada and Geode Capital Management LLC as at December 31, 2020. Data are unaudited. Figures for investment professionals do not include Division Management and Other Investment. Fidelity Canada means those individuals employed by Fidelity Canada Investment Management.

Put the strength of Fidelity to work for you

Around the corner or around the world, Fidelity’s people are constantly searching for investment opportunities that others may miss. Add to that our global research capability, some of the brightest minds in the business and a suite of investment products that lead through innovation. You and your hard-earned money can aim to achieve your financial goals.


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Private ownership allows us to cultivate a culture of success.

We take a long-term view with our plans and are not focused solely on short-term results. We embrace innovation and encourage our employees to be extraordinary.



Commissions, fees and expenses may be associated with investment funds. Read a fund’s prospectus or offering memorandum and speak to an advisor before investing.  Funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and investors may experience a gain or loss.  Past performance may not be repeated.

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