Fund code: 7691

  • NAV $12.14 $0.07 / 0.62%
  • Inception 25-Jan-2023
  • Benchmark Blended Index**
  • Aggregate assets
    (all series)
  • MER 2.32%
  • Distributions
  • Morningstar category 2035+ Target Date Portfolio
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Calendar returns (%) 30-Jun-2024

YTD 2024
Fund 11.47

Standard period returns (%) 30-Jun-2024

1 mo 3 mo 6 mo 1 yr Inception
Fund 0.67 2.59 11.47 17.43 13.02

Why invest in this fund?

  • Designed to grow retirement savings.
  • Automatically adjusts asset mix to be more conservative over time.
  • Leverages Fidelity’s decades of proprietary research in lifecycle investing.

Risk measures

Risk measures cannot be calculated on funds that are less than three years old. This fund does not yet meet the required criteria.

Risk classification

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  5. High

This fund has a medium volatility rating

Allocation to underlying funds (%)

  • Fund name Percentage
    Fidelity Emerging Markets Fund 12.3
    Fidelity International Equity Multi-Asset Base Fund 11.7
    Fidelity International Equity Investment Trust 5.8
    Intl Val MA Base - Ser O Fund 4.3
    Fidelity International Growth Multi-Asset Base Fund 4.3
    Fidelity International Disciplined Equity Fund 2.8
  • Fund name Percentage
    Fidelity Insights Investment Trust 10.3
    Fidelity American Disciplined Equity Fund 6.7
    BC Gwth MA Base - Ser O Fund 6.7
    Fidelity U.S. Dividend Investment Trust 5.5
    Fidelity Small Cap America Fund 2.1
    US SMID Equity MA Base -O Fund 1.9
  • Fund name Percentage
    Fidelity Canadian Disciplined Equity Fund 10.0
    Fidelity True North Fund 5.9
    Can Focused Eq MA Base -O Fund 2.9
    Fidelity Dividend Multi-Asset Base Fund 2.3
    Fidelity Canadian Opportunities Fund 1.6
  • Fund name Percentage
    Fidelity Canadian Government Long Bond Index Multi-Asset Base Fund 2.5
  • Fund name Percentage
    Invesco Optimum Yield Diversified Commodity Strategy No K-1 ETF 0.3
    iShares Comex Gold Trust ETF 0.1
  • Fund name Percentage
    Fidelity American High Yield Currency Neutral Fund 0.3
  • Fund name Percentage
    Fidelity Global Inflation-Linked Bond Index Hedged Multi-Asset Base Fund 0.0
  • Fund name Percentage
    Fidelity Canadian Bond Fund 0.0
  • Fund name Percentage
    USD SPOT CC Fund 0.0
    Fidelity Canadian Money Market Fund 0.0
    CAD SPOT CC Fund 0.0
    Net other assets -0.1