Explore a virtual world full of real possibilities

The metaverse is said to be the future of the virtual experience, having the potential to forever change how we interact with one another online.

It’s bigger than avatars and online gaming, and growing interest in the space has created never-before-seen investment opportunities. Fidelity Total Metaverse ETF and ETF Fund provide you with access to the companies expected to drive the development of this virtual universe.

Learn how Fidelity Total Metaverse ETF and ETF Fund can be used as a strategy to diversify your portfolio.

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Why invest in the metaverse with Fidelity?


Early access to potential future disruption

  • The metaverse is expected to be the next iteration of the internet.
  • Fidelity has the capabilities to identify and include in the index companies that are expected to drive the construction of the metaverse.


Holistic exposure

A global equity strategy offering exposure to various aspects of the metaverse, digital payments and cryptocurrency industries.


Advanced research capabilities

The ETF and ETF Fund leverage Fidelity’s trusted approach to index design, including our vast global network and research capabilities.

Fidelity Total Metaverse ETF and ETF Fund

Investing in the companies driving the construction of the metaverse. 



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