Fund code: 7241

  • NAV
    $6.72 -$0.09 / -1.27%
  • Inception 02-Dec-2021
  • Benchmark None
  • Aggregate assets
    (all series)
  • MER 1.64%
  • Morningstar category Alternative Other
  • Also available through ETF CDN$, ETF US$ and Trust US$
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Calendar returns (%) 31-Oct-2023

YTD 2023 2022
Fund 108.98 -61.62

Standard period returns (%) 31-Oct-2023

1 mo 3 mo 6 mo 1 yr Inception
Fund 31.01 24.82 19.95 69.18 -21.32

Why invest in this fund?

  • Provides exposure to one of the world’s most valuable virtual currencies.
  • Cryptocurrencies have historically demonstrated high volatility.

The hypothetical estimated ETF MER cap is 0.95%, which may change without notice.  As the ETF Fund invests directly in the ETF, the ETF’s MER will be charged to the ETF Fund. The series F MER is estimated to be 1.06%; series B is estimated to be 1.64%. The ETF Fund pays a fixed administration fee and certain fund costs (described in the ETF Fund’s simplified prospectus).

Risk measures

Risk measures cannot be calculated on funds that are less than three years old. This fund does not yet meet the required criteria.

Risk classification

  1. Low
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  3. Medium
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  5. High

This fund has a high volatility rating