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Now anyone can invest like a pro.
Saving means keeping your money; investing means making the most of it – whether you're planning for a big purchase, a down payment, education or retirement.

Everything you need to start investing
The process of investing may seem complex, but Fidelity All-in-One ETFs let you go from ambition to action with a single purchase.

Focus on the things you love and let us handle the rest.

Your money is managed by experts.

Fidelity All-in-One ETFs are built using our professional portfolio management expertise, so you can start investing with confidence today.

Put your money in motion to reach your goals.

Designed for performance.

Go beyond a passive approach. Have your money invested in a mix of factor index and active ETFs designed to deliver enhanced risk-adjusted returns.

An all-in-one price, with a low fee.*

A low-cost solution.

You only pay for the ETFs held in your portfolio. Designed with built-in strategic asset allocation and consistent portfolio rebalancing, with no additional fees.

Want to choose investments like a pro?

Download our checklist and learn the five things smart investors know before buying.

Find the right portfolio.

- Suitable for a medium- to long-term investment goal, such as retirement.
- Low to medium risk level.
- Can be used in a TFSA, RRSP or RESP.

Fidelity All-in-One Balanced ETF

60% Equity, 40% fixed income

Designed for investors who are looking for long-term capital growth through a balanced approach.

Fidelity All-in-One Growth ETF

85% Equity, 15% fixed income

Designed for investors who are looking for long-term capital growth and want more emphasis on equity securities.

Keeping your goals on track

When you choose to invest with Fidelity, you’re getting access to our global research capabilities, a time-tested approach to portfolio construction and our sophisticated analysis, all working together in your investments. And for the past 30 years we’ve helped over 1.5 million Canadians make the most of their hard-earned money. Now it’s your turn.

New to investing?

Go from ambition to action with our investing resources.


How to use an All-in-One ETF in your TFSA

All about fees:

Fidelity All-in-One Balanced ETF
0.0%* 0.35%*

Fidelity All-in-One Growth ETF
0.0%* 0.37%*

*The management fee disclosed for these ETFs is the direct management fee paid to Fidelity and does not include the indirect management fee paid by the ETFs. The ETFs invest in underlying Fidelity ETFs that charge a direct management fee, and as a result, pay an indirect management fee. Based on the management fees and the initial anticipated weightings of the underlying Fidelity ETFs, it is expected that the effective indirect management fee for Fidelity All-in-One Balanced ETF will be approximately 0.35%, and the effective indirect management fee for Fidelity All-in-One Growth ETF will be approximately 0.37%. Please refer to the prospectus for the ETFs for further information on these indirect management fee estimates. Actual indirect management fees will be reflected in the management expense ratio (in addition to applicable taxes and expenses) of each ETF, posted semi-annually.

The ETFs are sub-advised by Geode Capital Management, LLC. The mutual funds/ETFs are not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by Fidelity Product Services LLC (“FPS”). FPS makes no representation regarding the advisability of investing in the mutual funds/ETFs.

Commissions, fees and expenses may be associated with investment funds. Read a fund’s prospectus or offering memorandum and speak to an advisor before investing.  Funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and investors may experience a gain or loss.  Past performance may not be repeated.

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