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We are committed to bringing investment strategies to the marketplace, expanding your choices to help you meet your long-term financial goals.

Fidelity’s research process

Consider putting our expertise to work for you, utilizing our research and investment process. Explore our investment process below and see how it can help contribute to your long-term goals.

Comprehensive coverage.

Our approach involves assigning analysts to research and rate stocks within individual sectors for comprehensive coverage.

Access is key.

We regularly meet with company management, industry peers, supply chain, and customers to gain valuable insights, enhancing our investment decision-making process.

Ratings drive decisions.

Our research foundation is built on proprietary buy, hold or sell ratings. These ratings inform our investment decisions that determine which securities we hold in portfolios.

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[00:00:03] At Fidelity, we know what the power of research can do.

[00:00:07] It allows us to uncover investment opportunities.

[00:00:10] It gives us insight into sector and industry trends.

[00:00:14] And it helps to create what we believe is our competitive advantage.

[00:00:20] Our proprietary research ratings are a guide

[00:00:22] to the stocks that are “buys” or (longs)

[00:00:25] and the stocks that are “sells” or (shorts).

[00:00:28] Putting that together has shaped the creation

[00:00:30] of Fidelity Canadian Long/Short Alternative Fund and ETF Series.

[00:00:37] The investment strategy of having both

[00:00:39] long and short positions in Canadian equities

[00:00:42] offers an alternative approach toward harnessing the power of Fidelity’s research capabilities.

[00:00:48] One that has the potential to take advantage of opportunities

[00:00:51] regardless of the investment climate.

[00:00:54] While at the same time having an “always on” approach toward risk management.

[00:00:59] Fidelity Canadian Long/Short Alternative Fund and ETF Series.

[00:01:04] The power of our research at work.



Fidelity liquid alternatives

We’re also thrilled to announce that we’ve expanded our current liquid alternative fund lineup to include ETF Series.