Fixed income just got a whole lot more interesting.

Driven by institutional demand, a flexible fixed income solution that aims to provide a high level of current income and the potential for capital gains.

Looking for more income in fixed income?

The portfolio managers focus on generating yield by investing across a diverse set of fixed income sectors, using a variety of investment tools focused on fixed income securities. Get the Fund’s feature sheet and learn how!

Three reasons why Fidelity Tactical Credit Fund

1. Flexibility to invest tactically across multiple fixed income sectors, with a focus on higher-yielding securities.

2. Seeks to deliver a high level of income and the potential for capital gains.

3. Uses multiple tools and investment strategies to add value and mitigate risk, including flexible duration management.

Pie chart demonstrating asset mix for Fidelity Tactical Yield Fund is 0% – 100% is non-investment grade bonds and 0% – 100% investment grade bonds.

Non-Investment grade exposure:

Investment grade exposure:

Invest with experienced fixed income managers.

Invest with Jeff and Michael.

Jeff Moore, portfolio manager

“We allocate our risk budget to the areas where we expect to earn the most alpha through a research-driven investment process and team-based approach.”

Jeff Moore, Portfolio Manager

Michael Plage, Portfolio Manager

“The gravity of aging demographics around the world creates a structurally positive backdrop for bonds, and we have the right strategy in place that can help to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns over time for investors.”

Michael Plage, Portfolio Manager

Fixed income solutions by fixed income experts

Fidelity offers a comprehensive lineup of products designed to meet investor needs for diversification* and income. Fidelity’s investment capabilities extend globally, connecting hundreds of fixed income professionals with hundreds of equity professionals analyzing the same companies.

Why Fidelity for fixed income

A global network
A wide investment reach through Fidelity’s extensive global network of credit specialists, equity analysts and asset allocation professionals.
Integrated perspective
Connecting fixed income investment professionals with equity investment professionals to gain a 360-degree view of the capital structure.
Systematic approach
A team-based investment approach that is defined, repeatable and that fosters deeper levels of collaboration.

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