This new fund is a one-ticket solution that brings together experienced portfolio managers Mark SchmehlJeff Moore and Michael Plage to give you access to the higher upside potential of equity and the lower volatility of fixed income.


Strategy behind the Fund

Uses a flexible equity strategy aiming to capitalize on innovative ideas globally and a multi-sector fixed income strategy focused on risk mitigation.

A combination of two investment approaches that can help generate strong risk-adjusted returns through various market cycles.

Managed by highly experienced portfolio managers with long-term track records and supported by Fidelity’s global research capabilities.

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Invest with Mark, Jeff and Michael

Each is an expert in their asset class, with decades of industry experience.

Mark Schmehl, portfolio manager

“Events change quickly. People don’t. Recognizing those moments of change allow me to find opportunities that traditional investors overlook.”

Mark Schmehl, portfolio manager

Jeff Moore, portfolio manager

“We allocate our risk budget to the areas where we expect to earn the most alpha through a research-driven investment process and team-based approach.”

Jeff Moore, portfolio manager

Michael Plage, portfolio manager

“The gravity of aging demographics around the world creates a structurally positive backdrop for bonds, and we have the right strategy in place that can help to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns over time for investors.”

Michael Plage, portfolio manager


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Leveraging Fidelity’s deep global research platform

Fidelity Multi-Asset Innovation Fund leverages the insights of hundreds of research professionals around the globe and across the capital structure to gain a holistic understanding of companies.


Map with location and number of FMR sector-aligned analysts to illustrate regional expertise within Fidelity’s Globally Integrated Investment Organization Other analysts not shown in the table breakout include dedicated large cap and small cap analysts, quantitative analysts, technical analysts, private equity analysts, and country/region generalists.  Source: Fidelity Investments, as of 9/30/23.   North America: Equity Specialists: 142 Global Asset Allocation Specialists: 109 Fixed Income Specialists: 80 High Income Specialists: 37  London (UK) Equity Specialists: 27 Global Asset Allocation Specialists: 3 Fixed Income Specialists: 14 High Income Specialists: 1  Hong Kong Equity Specialists: 22  Japan: Equity Specialists: 6

Fidelity Investments Canada ULC brings a global network of investment expertise to Canadian investors. Our products are subadvised by a variety of companies, including Fidelity Management & Research Company LLC (FMR), which manages both underlying funds for Fidelity Multi-Asset Innovation Fund. The research professional count shown above represents the resources of FMR, as of December 31, 2019.