Take the micro approach to diversification.
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Take advantage of our investment team's ability to explore the hidden corners of the market cap spectrum for new investment opportunities in global micro‑cap stocks.

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Understanding the micro-cap opportunity

Micro-cap investments may present new opportunities for growth and diversification.

Explore micro-cap investing with Fidelity


If you turn over enough stones you may find a gem.

(SUPER: Turn over enough stones)

(SUPER: Find a gem)

That’s the thinking behind Fidelity Global Micro-Cap Fund.

(SUPER: Fidelity Global Micro-Cap Fund)

This actively managed fund gives investors exposure to a diverse range of

(SUPER: Actively managed)

(SUPER: Exposure to a diverse range)

small, undiscovered opportunities in a segment of the market that may be overlooked.

(SUPER:   Small

Undiscovered opportunities  

Overlooked segment)

By harnessing Fidelity’s global research capabilities, we gain

(SUPER: Global research capabilities)

insights and exposure to the less-explored micro-cap market that is made up of thousands of

(SUPER: Insights and exposure to the micro-cap market)

(SUPER: 1000s)

smaller, newer, less-established businesses that we believe have growth potential.

(SUPER: Less-established businesses

that we believe have growth potential.)

It’s about getting in on the ground floor.

(SUPER: Get in on the ground floor)

Because remember, many of today’s blue-chip companies started out as very small businesses.

(SUPER: Many blue chip companies started out small)

(SUPER: Why wait?)

So why wait? Look into Fidelity Global Micro-Cap Fund today.

(SUPER: Fidelity Global Micro-Cap Fund)

In this small world big opportunity awaits.

(SUPER: Small world.

Big opportunity.)