Fidelity Disruption™ Funds

A simple way to invest in companies inventing the future.

Driven by investor demand, a type of investment strategy, so-called disruptive funds, are capturing the spotlight.


Watch the video to find out how disruptive investment trends may fit into your investment plan.

What is considered disruption?

Disruptive companies are companies that have the potential to change or entirely displace existing companies and industries (that may not focus on this theme). These companies can have innovative technologies or operations that are more efficient or make the old way of doing business obsolete, advancing and reshaping the worlds of communications, technology, medicine, automation and finance.

Disruption can be found in all areas of the market.


Fidelity DisruptionTM Funds

Now you can invest based on long-term disruptive trends such as cloud computing and autonomous vehicles, as well as artificial Intelligence, genomic sequencing or blockchain, just to name a few.

Designed to invest in innovative business models, emerging industries and technologies that we see as game-changers.

Fidelity DisruptorsTM Class


Brings together key disruptive themes – automation, communications, finance, medicine, and technology – in a single fund.

Fidelity DisruptiveTM Automation Class

Invests in companies that have the potential to lead the way in automation, from industrial robotics to artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and more.

How to buy Fidelity DisruptionTM Funds

Fidelity Disruption™ Funds are mutual funds offered in a number of different fee structures depending on your needs. An independent financial advisor can help you invest in Fidelity Disruption™ Funds. Financial advisors help to provide the discipline and investment expertise you may need to achieve your long-term goals.


If you don’t have an advisor already, you can get started with our Working with a financial advisor toolkit.

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