Here's what happens when you meet with a financial advisor

Author: Ashley Maready

Source: The Motley Fool

If you're not rich (and hey, how many of us are?), it's easy to think that you don't need help managing your personal finances. But if you're struggling with managing debt payoff, learning to invest, or even just plain old budgeting, a financial advisor can offer helpful advice and reduce your stress levels. Let's take a look at what to expect when you meet with one.

You can learn how to budget

I don't know of many people who actually enjoy budgeting, but it's a pretty important cornerstone of personal finance. You need to know how much money you have coming in every month alongside how much your bills cost you, and taking a closer look at your discretionary spending can show you where you're missing chances to save money for other goals.

A financial advisor is a neutral third-party, and should be able to give your current budget a look without judging you -- or even help you create one for the first time. They can make recommendations for areas to cut your spending, and might even have some insight into ways you can save on your necessary bills, like utilities and auto insurance.

You can find encouragement to pay off debt

I started working with a financial advisor last year, and at the time, my biggest problems were a lack of income and too much debt. While it was a bit scary to lay all my financial cards out on the table, so to speak, I was grateful for the reassurance that my situation wasn't the end of the world and there were steps I could take to improve it. For me, those steps included getting a side hustle and snowballing my debt payoff, which was a major success for me -- and my financial advisor was cheering me on the whole time.

If you're struggling with debt and unsure how to proceed with getting out of it, a financial advisor can help you. You may already know you have options for debt payoff, but a professional can help you decide which is right for you, and help you calculate how long it'll take you to reach your goal.

You can get investing advice

Some financial advisors specialize in investment advice, and if you need help investing for retirement or any other purpose, you can likely find one who'll meet your needs. The best ones will even be able to help you figure out your goals for the future, and decide how to focus your savings so you can achieve them. Want to send your kids to college, plan a rich retirement, or perhaps buy a second home someday? A financial advisor can help you make that happen.

How do you find a financial advisor?

If you're ready to find a financial advisor of your very own, you can start by asking family and friends for a recommendation. Another nice thing about financial advisors is that they have their own professional networks, so if you meet with one and they aren't a fit, they might be able to give you the name of another to try.

Meeting with a financial advisor can be an excellent way to get a better handle on your finances. Money is a fraught and difficult topic for a lot of people, and just as you might talk to a therapist for help processing your emotions, it can be a good idea to talk to a financial advisor if you need help with managing money.


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