Take opportunity to new heightsTake opportunity to new heights
Fidelity's bright stars

The right combination

Two complementary investment approaches combined to help generate alpha and lower volatility throughout a market cycle.

Fidelity CanAm Opportunities Class, managed by portfolio managers Mark Schmehl and Steve MacMillan, brings their investment approaches together for the first time for Canadian investors.

Mark Schmehl

Mark Schmehl

“Mark likes to dig for opportunities where others often fear to tread.”

— Jade Hemeon, Investment Executive

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Steve MacMillan

Steve MacMillan

“Steve does plenty of window shopping to find the right stocks, but few match his standards.”

— Shirley Won, The Globe and Mail

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Fidelity CanAm Opportunities Class

A diversified all-cap North American equity strategy that aims to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns.

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Great minds think differentlyGreat minds think differently
Fidelity's bright stars

Fidelity’s bright stars

‘In many ways, Joel Tillinghast and Will Danoff couldn’t be more different—and yet they’re part of the same rare breed.’

— Barron’s

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Fidelity Global Growth and Value Class,
managed by portfolio managers Will Danoff and Joel Tillinghast, brings their complementary investment styles together to create a unique opportunity for Canadian investors.

Will Danoff

Will Danoff

“Even if you know how good his track record is, you are still taken aback by the brilliance of this manager.”

— Don Phillips, president of fund research at Morningstar

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Joel Tillinghast

Joel Tillinghast

“One of the world’s greatest investors”

— SmartMoney Magazine

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Fidelity Global Growth and Value Class

A combined growth and value approach that provides diversification across sectors, market capitalizations and regions, and offers the potential for strong risk-adjusted returns.

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The Fidelity way

In an ever-changing and complex financial services world, we’re committed to developing quality products that provide long-term value.

Fidelity is one of the world’s largest providers of financial services. As a privately owned firm, we have been providing investment solutions and innovations to our clients for more than 70 years. We’ve invested in unparalleled research, bottom-up fundamental analysis, product innovation and our people. With over 800 investment professionals worldwide, Fidelity takes local market knowledge, identifies real opportunities and makes them available to you here at home.

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