Investing for Success

Fidelity has helped investors handle the market’s ups and downs for more than 70 years. Share our guide, Investing for Success, with your clients to provide perspective on market behaviour over both the short and long term.




  • Focus on the “big picture”
  • Think globally
  • Time is money
  • The risks of “safe” investments
  • Don’t miss out
  • Diversification
  • Time heals all
  • Understanding mutual fund sales charges
  • Understanding management expense ratios
  • Understanding your investment returns
  • Getting good advice is a great idea

Focus on the “big picture” – 41 years of returns examined

See why it’s so important to stay the course through the market’s ups and downs.


Think globally

See how investing in other parts of the world can bring both balance and greater growth to your portfolio.


Time is money

One of the best ways to build wealth is to start early – even if it’s only a small amount.


The risks of “safe” investments

Inflation risk is one reason so-called “safe” investments, such as GICs, may not be so safe after all.


Don't miss out

Trying to time the markets is a losing game. A better strategy is to stay invested.


Diversification = less risk

By combining stocks and bonds in your portfolio, you can lower risk and still add growth to your portfolio.


Time heals all

Historically, equities tend to become less volatile the longer you hold on to them.


Understanding mutual fund sales charges

Help your clients understand initial and deferred sales charges.


Understanding your investment return

Explains the two methods of calculating a rate of return: time-weighted return and dollar-weighted return.


Management expense ratio explained

Understanding the MER breakdown and the value of good advice.




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