In addition to the emotional toll that ending a marriage can take, there are also significant financial factors and decisions to consider.

What you need to know about splitting up the assets

With an estimated 40 per cent of first marriages in Canada ending in divorce, good legal and financial advice is important when it comes to dividing up the family assets.

A good plan for a challenging time

Divorce can be difficult, but a good financial plan helps you take command of your new life.

Does staying in the marital home pass the financial test?

Carefully evaluate whether it’s best for you to live in the home, sell it, or negotiate another family asset in exchange for its value.

Seven steps to put your financial house in order

Tips on managing your financial life alone after the marital breakup.

The cost of kids: What you need to know about providing for children after divorce

Develop an action plan that is in the best interest of the children and keeps money disputes to a minimum.

Divorced or widowed

Don’t let overlooked financial matters creep up when you’re facing the challenges that come with losing a partner.

The financial DOs and DON’Ts of divorce

From gathering the right legal documents to knowing what is owed, this infographic outlines tips that could prove critical in the months and years following a split.

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