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Adam Kutas – Beyond emerging markets

As the portfolio manager for Fidelity Frontier Emerging Markets Fund, Adam Kutas frequently travels to distant locales in search of new investment opportunities. A core part of the Fidelity investment process is “kicking the tires” on companies by visiting management in their home countries and seeing the operations first-hand. As well, with emerging and frontier markets, having a deep understanding of a particular country’s economic and political environment is essential to fully comprehending the risk and rewards. This blog is intended to highlight this research process and help investors and advisors better understand the opportunities provided by exposure to frontier markets. 

End of Globalization Part 2: Spheres of Influence

July 2020

The future of globalization may depend on the spheres of influence of the U.S., China and Europe. What could be the impact for frontier markets? In his latest blog, Portfolio Manager Adam Kutas takes a closer look at these spheres of influence and why frontier markets may be well-positioned to take advantage.

End of Globalization? End of Frontier?

July 2020

Do globalization disruptions have a negative impact on frontier markets? Portfolio Manager Adam Kutas weighs in on the state of global trade and its potential impact on frontier and emerging markets.

COVID-19 and the Frontier: Key differences and risks

June 2020

How is COVID-19 economically impacting frontier markets? Are early stage economies like Kenya experiencing the same level of impact as developed markets like Canada? In his latest blog, Portfolio Manager Adam Kutas examines the unique impact of the virus in frontier markets.

Frontier in 2020: End of Middle East to Asia transformation

April 2020

Following a year of trade disruptions, and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic, what does the future look like for frontier markets in 2020? Portfolio Manager Adam Kutas explores the industries and countries impacting frontier and emerging markets this year.

A Visit to Emerging & Frontier Europe: the “Originals” are back

December 2019

After 10 years of economic headwinds, Eastern European countries are leading emerging markets in GDP growth. Should investors take a closer review of these ‘original’ emerging markets? Portfolio Manager Adam Kutas studies the latest economic developments in Eastern Europe, including the secular ‘tailwinds’ that could drive future growth in the area.

Trade wars, belts, roads and all in between

October 2019

China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI) is impacting both frontier and emerging markets, but it is multi-faceted and complex. What do global investors need to understand? Portfolio Manager Adam Kutas takes a closer look at the historical context of ‘BRI’ and the frontier markets being impacted.

Frontier comes in from the cold

August 2019

Iceland will soon be reclassified as a frontier market. How should investors react? Adam highlights the positive portfolio diversification benefits Iceland may provide and how it compares to other Baltic-country opportunities.

Any “frontier” left in frontier markets?

June 2019

Adam argues that the recent upgrading of several countries from “frontier” to “emerging” is positive for frontier investors as it creates a more purely “frontier” index – and as a result, investors will have more exposure to the assets they seek.

Saudi Arabia and pending MSCI EM inclusion: the usual fade?

April 2019

Adam discusses the pending inclusion of Saudi Arabia into the MSCI EM index.

China’s “gifts” to frontier

March 2019

Adam discusses China’s “gifts” to frontier markets:  communication, power and electric vehicles.

Middle East - A timely rise in the index

November 2018

Adam talks about how the emerging (EM) and frontier (FM) markets are becoming more important from an index perspective as the region is rising sharply in both the EM equity and bond indices. He discusses whether this will have an impact on stock performance.


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