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Adam Kutas – Beyond emerging markets

As the portfolio manager for Fidelity Frontier Emerging Markets Fund, Adam Kutas frequently travels to distant locales in search of new investment opportunities. A core part of the Fidelity investment process is “kicking the tires” on companies by visiting management in their home countries and seeing the operations first-hand. As well, with emerging and frontier markets, having a deep understanding of a particular country’s economic and political environment is essential to fully comprehending the risk and rewards. This blog is intended to highlight this research process and help investors and advisors better understand the opportunities provided by exposure to frontier markets. 

2019 Outlook

January 2019

Adam gives his outlook for frontier emerging markets for 2019. 

The three leapfrogs in Frontier

January 2019

Adam explains the concept of “leapfrogging”, which is how frontier countries "leapfrog" market structures that exist in developed markets and move straight to the most modern systems. It is most apparent in three sectors: telecom, banking and power.


Why Frontier Emerging, not just Frontier?

December 2018

Adam explains why the index for the Fidelity Frontier Emerging Markets Fund is the MSCI Frontier Emerging Markets (FEM) Index and not the MSCI Frontier Markets (FM) Index.



Middle East - A Timely Rise in the Index

November 2018

Adam talks about how the emerging (EM) and frontier (FM) markets are becoming more important from an index perspective as the region is rising sharply in both the EM equity and bond indices. He discusses whether this will have an impact on stock performance.


Vietnam: Sitting in the trade-war catbird seat

October 2018

Adam talks about how Vietnam is one of a few countries uniquely positioned to benefit from the trend towards moving manufacturing away from China to lower operating cost countries.

The mid-year update on frontier emerging markets

July 2018

Adam provides a mid-year update on frontier emerging markets. Despite the markets “taking a breather” and facing some headwinds, the outlook for the rest of 2018 and 2019 is fairly robust for frontier equities. 

FidelityConnects: Emerging markets of the future?

From Vietnam to Argentina, Nigeria to South Africa, portfolio manager Adam Kutas is on the ground in frontier markets, cutting through the noise and uncovering investment opportunities in these rapidly evolving regions of the world. Join Adam for a live interactive discussion about finding investment opportunities in frontier and emerging markets.

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Vietnam: Industrialization in an evolving economy

June 2018

Adam Kutas gives an update from Vietnam, a country that is often referred to as the “new China”. It’s undergoing rapid industrialization, which is bringing investing opportunities for the Fund.

South Africa and its political shift: time to revisit Africa-focused companies?

May 2018

Adam talks about investing opportunities in South Africa. With the recent political shift, Adam explores whether it is time to revisit African focused companies. 

These stocks are micro caps, right?

March 2018

Adam talks about a topic he is often asked about: the trading liquidity of the investments within the Fidelity Frontier Emerging Markets Fund. 

The biggest family-run IPO in history

February 2018

Adam talks about Saudi Arabia’s economic shift from a traditionally internal focused economy, to one that is modernizing by using global best practices and reinvesting in businesses using global capital markets.  

The 2018 Outlook for Frontier Emerging Markets

January 2018

Adam gives his outlook for frontier emerging markets for 2018. 

Saudi Arabia – real reform or more of the same?

December 2017

Adam talks about investing opportunities in Saudi Arabia, which although one of the most liquid in emerging and frontier markets, has historically been unavailable for global investors to invest in. 

Morocco: the next Motor City?

August 2017

Adam talks about the growing domestic auto production industry in Morocco, a North African country only 15 kilometres away from Europe that has a favourable trading relationship and historical linkages with the EU.

Solar Power: transformative to EM and FM countries?

June 2017

Adam talks about the global rise of solar power and how EM and FM countries should experience a bigger benefit from solar given three key factors: geography, energy import reliance and cost of capital.

Hunting for frontier ideas in emerging markets – focus on the ‘Four neighbours’

May 2017

Adam talks about why some EM-based companies growing aggressively in frontier markets, and explains the “Four neighbours” phenomenon.

A landmark IPO in Saudi Arabia

March 2017

Adam reports from atop the Kingdom Tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where collapsing oil prices have resulted in some interesting privatization efforts, the centerpiece being the planned IPO of Saudi Aramco, the national petroleum and natural gas company.

Oman: An emerging tourism mecca

March 2017

Adam reports from the capital city of Muscat in the Middle Eastern country of Oman, where he’s investigating opportunities in Oman’s booming tourism sector.

The transformation of Dubai

March 2017

Reporting from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Adam talks about the city’s emergence as a financial hub and the pivotal role played by Shariah compliant bonds (i.e., sukuk), which are spurring growth in emerging Islamic markets.

United Arab Emirates: More than a petro-economy

March 2017

Adam reports from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, where the country is looking to reduce its dependence on oil exports by expanding its tourism infrastructure with new theme parks and museums.

Poland: Driving growth for frontier Europe

February 2017

Reporting from Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science, Adam discusses Poland’s essential role as a capital source for frontier European markets and where he’s finding attractive opportunities.

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