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Investor Alert: Fraudulent Documents

MAY 2021

Fidelity has been made aware of fraudulent documents (imaged below) that were created by an unknown individual(s) purporting to offer and market a fake Fidelity guaranteed bond fund and GICs with unrealistic investment returns.

These fraudulent documents contained Fidelity’s logo, brand, likeness, an image of Fidelity Investments Canada ULC President Rob Strickland, and more.

For the protection of advisors and investors who may come across these documents, please note:

  • Fidelity does not offer Fidelity Capital Protected Fixed Income Fund, Guaranteed Investment Bond, or any other investment fund named in these fraudulent documents.

  • These fraudulent documents should not be relied upon whatsoever.


Fidelity has also been made aware that the unknown individual(s) has created fake Fidelity websites (pictured below), email addresses and phone numbers, is impersonating Fidelity employees and contractors, and is calling and emailing investors to complete and return fake investment application forms.

Fake websites include (but may not be limited to):


Fraudsters may continue to change or alter these webpages in the future. Please note that Fidelity Canada’s only legitimate and official website is

If you have been approached or believe you may have completed a fraudulent application form or submitted personal information on a fraudulent website, contact your local police authority and your provincial/territorial securities regulator.

Fidelity is actively monitoring the situation and taking all necessary steps in an effort to protect our clients and the community at large.

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