Take control of your investments during market uncertainty

Financial markets can be uncertain, but your investments don’t have to be. We’re here to help you build a diversified investment portfolio and reach your financial goals with our lineup of cost-efficient exchange-traded funds (ETFs). When you choose to invest in Fidelity products, you’re getting access to one of Canada’s leading investing teams and a global network of innovative research professionals that can help strengthen your investment strategy.

ETFs to meet your personal investment objectives

We’ve curated a selection of our ETFs to consider when building your customized investment plan:

All-in-One ETFs

Offer lower fees, diversification and automatic rebalancing in a one-ticket solution.

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High dividend factor ETFs

Target companies that have demonstrated stable and increasing dividends, providing higher relative dividend yield and income to investors.

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Fixed income ETFs

Generate income and offset some stock market risk while managing volatility.

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Invest in companies with favourable environmental, social and governance characteristics.

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Investing in Fidelity mutual funds:

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