2022 Lipper Awards

Fidelity Investments Canada received sixteen Lipper Fund Awards for delivering consistently strong risk-adjusted performance.

Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards 2022 Winner Canada

Best Canadian Focused Equity Fund

Fidelity Greater Canada Fund

(over five years)

Best North American Equity Fund

Fidelity North American Equity Class

(over three and five years)

Best Canadian Equity Fund

Fidelity Canadian Opportunities Fund

(over five years)

Best Global Equity Balanced Fund

Fidelity Global Growth Portfolio

(over ten years)

Best Sector Equity Fund

Fidelity Technology Innovators Fund

(over three, five and ten years)

Best Global Fixed Income Balanced Fund

Fidelity Global Income Portfolio

(over ten years)

Best Real Estate Equity Fund

Fidelity Global Real Estate Fund

(over ten years)

Best Tactical Balanced Fund

Fidelity Tactical High Income Fund

(over five years)

Best International Equity Fund

Fidelity International Growth Fund

(over ten years)

Best Canadian Dividend and Income Equity Fund

Fidelity Dividend Fund

(over five years)

Best 2035+ Target Date Portfolio

Fidelity ClearPath® 2045 Portfolio

(over five years)

Best 2035+ Target Date Portfolio

Fidelity ClearPath® 2060 Portfolio

(over three years)

Best U.S. Equity Fund

Fidelity U.S. High Quality Currency Neutral Index ETF

(over three years)



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