Introducing Fidelity Multi-Sector Bond Fund

Fidelity Multi-Sector Bond Fund seeks to offer investors attractive total return and income with the flexibility to navigate changing fixed-income markets. With low government bond yields and the prospect of rising interest rates, investors need a flexible fixed-income solution that targets multiple sources of returns.

Why Multi-Sector Bond


Access to an expansive set of fixed income sectors

Access to an expansive set of fixed income sectors

Source: Fidelity Investments Canada ULC. For illustrative purposes only. While the fund is typically managed to this constraint, the portfolio manager retains the discretion to deviate from it, and it is not included in the offering document as part of the fund’s investment strategies. 

Why a flexible mandate is essential

Portfolio manager Jeff Moore explains why investment flexibility is essential in today's fixed-income markets.


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The Fidelity advantage

Fidelity Investments is one of the world’s largest fixed-income managers. Drawing on the strength of its global proprietary research capabilities, Fidelity manages more than US$800 billion in fixed-income assets, covering the spectrum from money market funds to high-yield portfolios.


The Fidelity Advantage