Tax-smart solutions

Tax-smart investment solutions are an important – and beneficial – part of your financial plan.

Tax-smart savings and investment choices

Fidelity Tax-Smart Solutions

During the years leading up to retirement, you’ll want to make sure your savings have good growth potential. Tax-efficient investing can help. As you get close to retirement, you’ll probably want to rebalance your portfolio and move into more conservative investments, to reduce risk. With Fidelity Corporate Class, you can do that tax efficiently too.

Maximize your savings

For non-registered savings, Fidelity’s Corporate Class offers tax-deferred growth through the potential for reduced taxable distributions, which means more money staying in your account to grow.

According to a proposed change in the Canadian federal tax rules, effective January 1, 2017, switching shares of a class fund to shares of another class fund within a mutual fund corporation will be deemed a disposition at fair market value for tax purposes and will trigger a capital gain or loss. The proposal does not apply to switches between different series of the same class fund.