Tax-smart solutions

Tax-smart investment solutions are an important – and beneficial – part of your financial plan.

Tax-smart retirement cash flow

Fidelity Tax-Smart Solutions

Once you enter retirement, your needs may change. It’s important to have a plan for accessing your non-registered savings tax-efficiently.

That’s where Fidelity’s T-SWP® and T-SWP® Class can help. Both offer you the ability to develop customizable and sustainable tax-efficient cash flow solutions.

Lifetime cash flow

•  Create a plan to generate the right amount of cash flow from your savings.
•  Ensure that cash flow is tax-efficient, so it has a better chance of lasting for as long as you need it, and manage the amount of tax you currently pay.

Fidelity's T-SWP® and T-SWP® Class are designed to provide:

•  tax-efficient monthly cash flow
•  the ability to tailor the level of cash flow you need
•  the option to adjust cash flow or turn it on and off, according to your cash flow needs

See a list of T-SWP® payout rates PDF document

Try the Fidelity T-SWP® calculator

Transfer savings to a spouse, next of kin and/or charity in a tax-smart way by

•  working with your financial advisor
•  using Fidelity’s tax-efficient solutions

According to a proposed change in the Canadian federal tax rules, effective January 1, 2017, switching shares of a class fund to shares of another class fund within a mutual fund corporation will be deemed a disposition at fair market value for tax purposes and will trigger a capital gain or loss. The proposal does not apply to switches between different series of the same class fund.