Fidelity Preferred Program

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Better Pricing. Automatically.

Fidelity Preferred Program is an innovative pricing solution that enables you to receive a better price on your Fidelity mutual funds.

The program introduces a new feature called auto-conversion – an innovative feature that automatically moves you to the best possible discount pricing tier for which you’re eligible. The discount you receive is based on your asset levels: as your assets grow, your discounts grow. It couldn’t be simpler.

All of your Fidelity assets are used to determine your discount. The better price you receive is then applied right back to your first dollar invested, not just on the excess amount above the discount tier.

As part of the program, you can also group accounts belonging to family members. By grouping family accounts, everyone can benefit from a better price – even if they live at a different address.

All of your Fidelity assets, regardless of series, will be used to determine your discount pricing tier. Discounted pricing is then applied to your Series B or Series F assets.

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