Fidelity AsiaStar® Fund

Investment Strategy

Fidelity AsiaStar® Fund has an open mandate to seek the best ideas in the world's fastest-growing region.


Performance for this series is not available at this time.


Annual compound performance – as at 31-May-2017

1 month 2.46% 2
3 month 11.21% 2
6 month 14.10% 2
1 year 18.66% 4
2 year 5.64% 3
3 year 12.06% 3
5 year 13.23% 2
7 year 9.22%
10 year 5.14% 2
YTD 16.99% 2
Since Inception 6.13%

Calendar year performance – as at 31-May-2017

Calendar year performance – as at 31-May-2017

Growth of $10,000 since inception³ – as at 31-May-2017

Growth of $10,000 since inception³ – as at 31-May-2017
Fund risk measures – as at 31-May-2017
Annual Standard Deviation 12.96
Beta 0.93

Risk measures are based on 3-year net returns (series B). (All returns are calculated in Canadian currency.) 

Volatility meter


A fund’s volatility is determined using a statistical measure called “standard deviation". Standard deviation measures the amount of variability of returns that has historically occurred relative to the average return. The higher the standard deviation of a fund, the greater the range of returns it has experienced in the past. Other types of risk, both measurable and non-measurable, exist. In addition, just as historical performance may not be indicative of future returns, a fund’s historical volatility may not be indicative of its future volatility.

Fund facts

NAVPU – Series B

$19.37 – as at 21-Jun-2017

NAVPU – Series B

$14.54 – as at 21-Jun-2017

Series inception date



Fund benchmark

MSCI AC Asia Pacific Index

Fund aggregate assets (all series)

$70.2 million
as at 31-May-2017

Management expense ratio - Series B

2.37% – as at 30-Sep-2016

Quarterly Top Ten Holdings
Tencent Holdings  
Taiwan Semiconductor  
Techtronic Industries  
Samsung Electronics  
AIA Group  
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group  
Daikin Industries  
Total number of holdings 105
Top 10 holdings aggregate 31.1%
Allocation to funds

Asset Mix
as at 30-Apr-2017

  Current monthLast monthTwo months ago
Foreign Equities 97.5%98.8%98.6%
Cash & Other 2.5%1.2%1.5%

Top historical sector mix (%)
as at 30-Apr-2017

Information Technology 23.1%22.8%21.9%
Consumer Discretionary 19.3%19.7%19.9%
Financials 19.1%19.9%19.7%
Industrials 9.0%9.1%9.6%
Health Care 8.6%8.5%8.3%
Materials 5.5%5.7%6.2%
Consumer Staples 4.8%4.7%4.0%
Real Estate 2.7%2.8%2.9%
Telecommunication Services 2.7%2.9%2.9%
Energy 1.5%1.5%1.8%

Country mix (%)
as at 30-Apr-2017

Japan 35.6%37.7%38.4%
Hong Kong 16.0%15.3%14.4%
Australia 12.3%11.8%12.2%
China 6.4%7.3%7.5%
South Korea 6.4%6.5%6.3%
Taiwan 6.3%6.2%6.1%
India 5.5%5.6%5.2%
New Zealand 2.4%2.5%2.7%
Singapore 2.2%1.6%1.6%
United States 2.1%
Philippines 1.9%1.9%