Fidelity Managed Portfolios

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Fidelity Managed Portfolios are a suite of risk-targeted investment solutions. The Portfolios use tactical asset allocation offering a range of income, balanced, growth and retirement-focused portfolios across the full risk spectrum.

So you can focus on what matters.

As you close in on retirement, you want the peace of mind that the gains you’ve worked so hard to achieve can withstand the realities of today’s uncertain markets.

That’s where Fidelity comes in. Fidelity Managed Risk Portfolios aim to mitigate exposure to market declines, while at the same time offering the potential for capital growth.

Why are Fidelity Managed Risk Portfolios the right choice for you?

Potential for capital growth with a focus on risk management

Combination of equity and fixed-income exposure geared toward mitigating the harmful impact of market volatility while also providing opportunities to generate long-term capital appreciation.

Global diversification

Invests in a unique blend of globally diversified asset classes.

The strength of Fidelity

Benefits from the combined strength of Fidelity’s Global Asset Allocation team and worldwide resources.

Two distinct retirement-focused options:

Fidelity Managed Risk Portfolios