Fidelity ClearPath® 2010 Portfolio

Investment Strategy

The objective of the portfolio is to seek high total return, primarily through investments in a combination of underlying Fidelity Funds using a roll-down asset allocation strategy until its target retirement date. Thereafter the portfolio's objective will be to seek current income and, as a secondary objective, capital appreciation.


Performance for this series is not available at this time.


Annual compound performance – as at 31-Jan-2015

1 month 3.35% 2
3 month 4.82% 2
6 month 5.66% 2
1 year 8.39% 3
2 year 8.21% 2
3 year 7.05% 2
5 year 6.20% 2
7 year 4.51%
10 year
YTD 3.35% 2
Since Inception 4.62%

Calendar year performance – as at 31-Jan-2015

Calendar year performance – as at 31-Jan-2015

Growth of $10,000 since inception³ – as at 31-Jan-2015

Growth of $10,000 since inception³ – as at 31-Jan-2015
Fund risk measures – as at 31-Jan-2015
Annual Standard Deviation 2.87

Risk measures are based on 3-year net returns (series B). (All returns are calculated in Canadian currency.) 

Volatility meter

Low to Medium

A fund’s volatility is determined using a statistical measure called “standard deviation". Standard deviation measures the amount of variability of returns that has historically occurred relative to the average return. The higher the standard deviation of a fund, the greater the range of returns it has experienced in the past. Other types of risk, both measurable and non-measurable, exist. In addition, just as historical performance may not be indicative of future returns, a fund’s historical volatility may not be indicative of its future volatility.

Fund facts

NAVPU – Series B

$13.64 – as at 27-Feb-2015

Series inception date


Fund benchmark

Blended Index**

Fund aggregate assets (all series)

$163.4 million
as at 31-Jan-2015

Management expense ratio - Series B

2.01% – as at 30-Jun-2014

Approximate target allocation
as at 31-Dec-2014
Canadian Equity Funds 14.0%
Fidelity True North Fund 4.5%
Fidelity Canadian Disciplined Equity Fund 4.5%
Fidelity Canadian Large Cap Fund 4.0%
Fidelity Canadian Opportunities Fund 1.0%
High-Yield Bond Funds 5.3%
Fidelity American High Yield Currency Neutral Fund 5.3%
International Equity Funds 8.8%
Fidelity Europe Fund 3.8%
Fidelity International Disciplined Equity Fund 2.2%
Fidelity Far East Fund 1.3%
Fidelity Japan Fund 1.2%
Fidelity Latin America Fund - Series O 0.4%
Investment-Grade Bond Funds 30.7%
Fidelity Canadian Bond Fund 30.7%
Real Estate Funds 0.4%
Fidelity Global Real Estate Fund 0.4%
Short-Term Investment Funds 31.9%
Fidelity Canadian Money Market Fund 16.0%
Fidelity Canadian Short Term Bond Fund 16.0%
Net other assets -0.2%
U.S. Equity Funds 8.8%
Fidelity American Disciplined Equity Fund 6.3%
Fidelity Small Cap America Fund 1.4%
American Equity - Ser O Fund 1.2%