Known for innovation and quality, Fidelity products include a broad range of mutual funds, lifecycle funds, wraps and pools, as well as tax-efficient services.

Mutual funds

Corporate Class funds

Fidelity Corporate Class Funds can provide tax-efficient growth through its structure as a single corporation. 

Managed solutions

Managed Solutions / Solutions gérées

Fidelity has become a leader in portfolio investment solutions for Canadian investors.

Preferred Program

Fidelity Preferred Program is an innovative pricing solution that enables you to receive a better price on your Fidelity mutual funds.

Tax-smart solutions

Currency neutral solutions

Currency neutral funds can help to mitigate the impact of changes in exchange rates, yet allow you to continue to benefit from investing in foreign markets.

Portfolio managers

Portfolio manager bios

Private Investment Program

Investment pools that combine institutional-style money management, low management fees and other unique features in an exclusive solution for affluent Canadians.