Thursday, April 24, 2014
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“Heartbleed” security notice
Heartbleed security update

Fidelity customer websites are not affected by the security issue currently being referred to as the “Heartbleed” security flaw. We do not use the technology associated with this issue and our sites remain safe to use. Fidelity’s websites are built with strong protection including constant monitoring and multiple layers of security.

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Tax receipts

Fidelity's 2013 tax receipts will be mailed to unitholders in the same envelope as their year-end statements (where applicable). Receipts for all RRSP contributions made in the first 60 days of 2014 will be mailed in early March.

Mutual funds

Our Equity Funds allow you to be part of the potential for economic growth in Canada and abroad.

Asset allocation and balanced funds are ideal core portfolio holdings because they provide exposure to equities, bonds and cash.

Fixed income and money market funds are interest-bearing investments with reduced risk compared to equities and more modest expectations for long-term returns.

A pioneer in the sector-focused approach to investing, Fidelity has over 20 years of experience managing industry-specific funds.

Managed solutions

Fidelity ClearPath Retirement Portfolios are a family of lifecycle funds that are actively managed and regularly rebalanced to a target allocation.

Fidelity Managed Portfolios are a suite of risk-targeted investment solutions.

Fidelity Income Replacement Portfolios™ take the lifecycle investing concept to the next stage.

Tax-smart solutions